Drawing helps.


D. started sketching last night and after he went to bed (naturally, I was unable to sleep at a normal hour), I began sketching a portrait of him (photo 1). Then, I moved onto a quick self-portrait exercise (photo 2) and a random sketch of breasts, because I can.

I started college in 2007 at an art/Spanish double major. By spring of 2009, I’d dropped out of the art major and haven’t really drawn anything since. These sketches really are not bad for my first attempts in four years! And last night, they distracted me from the overwhelming pelvic pain/nausea combo I was rocking.

tumblr_mlc12wre2R1r2jn0ho1_500 tumblr_mlc671MNiX1r2jn0ho1_500 tumblr_mlc7iyJRkO1r2jn0ho1_500


One of my relatives saw these on Facebook and asked, “Is there anything you can’t do?” The temptation to respond with “Be consistently happy” was very strong.

What distracts you from the pain?


2 thoughts on “Drawing helps.

  1. I just think that its amazing the amount of skills you have at such a young age. I know that it sucks to have to be suffering day to day as you do but I wanted to let you know that you have helped me to remind myself that I can stay strong when I feel hopeless. The strength that you have as a woman in all that you endure is eye opening to me and I thank you for being REAL and being true to yourself!

    1. That’s incredibly sweet–thank you so much! I always joke that I’m like a cockroach and will probably survive the apocalypse or something. I think a lot of the artistic/creative talents developed because I was sick quite a bit as a kid (allergies, mostly, so I was inside a lot), but it also seems like some sort of karmic “compensation” for everything else I have to deal with, haha.

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