Risk! follow-up

Authoress, housekeeping

Good afternoon, readers!

So, unfortunately, my Risk! demo wasn’t a great fit for the show–it spanned too many years, which I completely understand. It’s hard to condense twenty-odd years of living with/growing up with bipolar disorder into a neat 15-to-20-minute package that’s not overwhelming to listeners. However, Kevin was incredibly gracious and complimentary about the whole thing and encouraged me to keep telling my stories, which I appreciated.

I am definitely not giving up! I’ve discovered a couple of other podcasts that I might pitch to, and as I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to check out some local storytelling groups after I survive the upcoming move to Baltimore. In the meantime, please continue to reach out to me. I recently recovered my email address for this blog and promise to be better about responding to your emails in a timely manner (I discovered two lovely messages from December and was absolutely mortified, not to mention concerned that I’d missed the boat on those).

I’m also working on a schedule of sorts for this blog, with the help of my wonderful fella. Big things coming, readers! Stay tuned. Stay lovely. Stay well.


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